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Pooja - USA

Had a really pleasant trip throughout the 3 days in Jaipur, Agra and Delhi - our driver, drove safely and was hospitable as he offered us many bite-sized info during the road trip. we visited and gained a lot of knowledge. We really enjoyed a lot,tour was as smooth as we were at our place,everything was nicely managed, Thoroughly enjoyed the diverse culture of india which was possible just because of the staff of roamidays who were continuosly in touch with us throughout the whole tour ,thanks for such a cherishable memories which won't be possible without ur efforts "ROAMIDAYS".

Singhajay849 -USA

Just enjoyed a fantastic and flawless trip to the Taj,India.booked it with roamidays tours pvt.ltd.It was really a mesmerizing experience to book with them.Tour go so smoothly, I was not at all feeling that I was at their place.staff was so cooperative that if I needed their assistance at night also,they were available and managed things for me.I must say they made my trip memorable, Thanks roamidays tours pvt. Ltd.

Atsashank - Ind

This was a very nicely organised tour which i really enjoyed. A well managed tour but plenty to see on the way, accommodation was outstanding, vehicle was very comfortable, and the guides was knowledgeable and friendly.